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Micro ATMs

Micro ATMs

As part of IDFC Bank’s outreach model, IDFC Bank will have a network of microATMs to further its outreach and come closer to its customers. The microATM centers shall be an extension of the branch network, with the feel of IDFC Bank Branch through its unique branding. It will be powered by the IDFC Bank Agent who shall operate through the IDFC microATM Tab. The IDFC microATM tab shall have touch based user-interface and include a supporting card reader along with a receipt printer for printing receipts for all transactions. The integrated fingerprint sensor shall be used for authenticating all transactions. The customer shall have multiple options for operating her account including account number, Aadhaar number, linked phone number and ATM Card Number. Points of access close to the customers shall be identified for these microATM centers.

The following services shall be offered as part of the microATM bouquet:

  • e-KYC based account opening: Bringing paperless account opening to the underbanked & unbanked areas, customers will be able to open an account just by linking their Aadhaar Number and biometric authentication via fingerprint capturing.
  • Cash In/Out: the Customer shall be able to withdraw as well as deposit cash at the microATM centers. Cash can be deposited to third party accounts as well while withdrawals can be made only from the IDFC Bank Account.
  • Account Servicing: Various account servicing requests such as account balance enquiry, account particulars updation, mini-statement will be offered through the microATM centres, thus bringing the bank to the customers.
  • All Government Payments: Various Government payments can now be more easily availed by the end customer through easy withdrawals/deposits through the microATM centres.
  • ATM transactions: The IDFC Bank microATM centres shall support all transactions which can be normally conducted at a Bank’s regular ATM.
  • Utility Payments: The customer will be able to make various utility payments such as payment of electricity bill, water bill at the microATM center thus removing the need for the customer to visit these respective centres and offering a one stop solution.
  • Remittances: the microATM centers along the “Payment Corridors” shall help the customers in two ways. On one hand they will be able to deposit money into the accounts of the recipients, whereas the recipients shall be able to withdraw the same as per their requirement.
  • DTH/Airtime Payments etc.: The microATM centers shall also support the payments for various other services such as DTH and other airtime services.

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