Community Engagement



We help rural households advance traditional livelihoods – both farm and non-farm and also train them in alternate livelihoods. This is aimed to help smoothen incomes of rural households .

IDFC Bank does this through:

  • Cattle-care camps: A cattle camp is a temporary establishment that provides healthcare and livestock improvement facilities through medical experts. These veterinary or animal husbandry experts enable the provision of health procedures such as vaccinations and nutrition as well as livestock improvement procedures such as artificial insemination. We envisage that such efforts will improved the health of livestock, its breed and a surge in economic value from livestock. Cattle-care camps are arranged and run primarily by bank staff. Verified and recommended vets are sourced from local/ regional veterinary colleges or from hospitals run by the state animal farming board or other similar departments.
  • Alternate livelihood training: The idea behind alternate livelihoods is to identify locally relevant trades and crafts and/ or livelihoods and consequently train groups of people (especially women) to enhance their incomes. In this way, income flow can be smoothened throughout the year and help add more sources of income to a household.

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