Senior Citizen's Saving Account


All you need are a passport size photograph in addition to one proof of identity and one proof of address. Your Aadhaar card, Passport, Driving Licence, establish both your identity and your address ! The PAN Card is only a proof of identity, it does not prove your address. 

PAN card:

If you have a PAN Card, it is MANDATORY to provide it at the time of account opening. Note that your PAN Card proves who you are(identity) but does not carry your address.Your PAN card makes a lot of transactions very easy. Booking deposits greater than 50000, buying and selling mutual funds and shares,and many others. It assures us that your transactions are Income-Tax compliant. This is why it would be great for you if you added your PAN card to the Account Opening Documentation.


It is a verified photographic proof of your address, from the government (UIDAI: Unique Identification Authority Of India).If you don’t have an Aadhaar Card, we will help you get started. But you should then bring your valid passport/driving licence as identity and address proof.

Other valid documents are:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s Identity Card (Election Card)
  •  Permanent Driving License which is valid with the photograph affixed
  •  Job Card issued by NREGA signed by an officer of the State Government



Growing old together was a promise you made years ago. You’ve done everything together, built a life together, created a home, a family, and it is right that you should want to share a bank account as well.
And we will make that process easy as well.
All you will need are ID & address proof for both applicants.The first holder has to be a Senior Citizen to open the account jointly.

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