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Type of transactions

What are the transactions which I can do using the IDFC Bank Mobile Banking App?

IDFC Bank Mobile App offers 42 transactions on the go. List of the transactions which can be done are as follows:
  1. Accounts
    1. View Account Summary
    2. Check your Hold balance
    3. Check your Account statement and email the same to your registered email id
  2. Funds Transfer
    1. Between your own accounts within Customer ID
    2. Within IDFC Bank
    3. Other Banks using NEFT
    4. Other Banks using RTGS
    5. Other Bank credit card payments using NEFT
    6. Other Banks using IMPS (Account transfer only)
    7. One time transfer using IMPS, NEFT or RTGS to non-registered beneficiaries
    8. Schedule transfers to already added beneficiaries
    9. Add/Delete beneficiaries
  3. Fixed Deposits
    1. Open a Fixed Deposit
    2. Check your Fixed Deposit summary
    3. Close Fixed Deposit
    4. Check interest rates
  4. Recurring Deposits
    1. Open a Recurring Deposit
    2. Check your Recurring Deposit summary
    3. lose Recurring Deposit
    4. Check interest rates
  5. Bill Pay
    1. Pay Due Bills
    2. Quick Pay (make instant payment to non-registered Billers)
    3. Recharge your mobile or DTH connections
    4. Add or Manage your added Billers
    5. Check your transaction history
  6. Debit Card
    1. We offer you one view of all your linked debit cards
    2. Permanently block your card if you have lost your card and also request for a replacement
    3. Temporarily block your card in case you have misplaced your card
    4. Unblock your temporarily blocked card once you find it
    5. Set your daily withdrawal and purchase limits both domestic and international within preset limits.
  7. Home Loan
  8. Our home loan customers can use the below services

    1. Check your Loan summary and other details
    2. Check your Loan statement and also you can get it emailed to your registered email id
    3. Know your future payments under Repayment schedule
    4. And lastly check your interest certificate on how much you have to pay and how much you have paid till date.
  9. Service Requests
    1. Requests for a cheque book
    2. Modify your email id
    3. Add Nominee for your account
    4. Update your PAN card details
    5. Update your Aadhar card details
    6. Track your Requests
  10. Others
    1. View Profile
    2. Internet Banking Password / MPIN
    3. Debit Card PIN

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