Our Brand Story




IDFC Bank’s identity is the first and most visible indication that we want to be a bank unlike any other.


The identity design began with a fresh page and a series of questions:


Should it signify authority, or approachability, simplicity and transparency?


Should it represent a large impersonal bank, or reflect the optimism and vibrancy of a new India?


Glance at the logo, and several things become apparent: there is no separate symbol, rather the logo is the symbol.


The palette is bright and warm with violet, yellow, pink and orange that symbolise enlightenment and transformation, energy and joy, youth and optimism, respectively – the qualities of modern India.


The colours are translucent to capture the transparency in IDFC Bank’s DNA.


While the precise lines of the font are a vision of simplicity, a value embodied in each of the bank’s services.


It’s an identity for a new generation of India that captures the vibrant colours of a nation that introduced colour to the world.

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