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“A brand isn’t just advertising or a message that we promote. It has to be a philosophy we believe and live every day to ensure our customers experience it in what we say and do”

– Dr Rajiv Lall Managing Director & CEO IDFC Bank Ltd.


Our brand development journey started with these words and ever since they have been the guiding principle in defining what we want to stand for.


As we started this journey, there was an inside out view that defined what we wanted to stand for, equally important was an outside in view of what customer’s hopes and expectations were.


This is where we heard that being clear, simple and transparent is what banking ought to be. Helping customers make the right financial decisions should be priority for banks at all times There was a need for more empathy, focus on customer service and a better understanding of customer’s needs.

Customers’ needs and aspirations have also changed, They are opening up to technology, value customer service far more and have a strong desire to participate in India’s growth story.


It seemed evident that while customer’s aspirations had changed, there is an opportunity for banks to change as well.


At IDFC Bank, we believe it’s time for a new kind of bank. One that recognises you as a person, not a number.

Where barriers are replaced with transparency, edifices with engagement.

One that knows your family and your business, and applies that knowledge to make your life easier.


A bank that comes to customers in the spirit of respect and collaboration.


That caters to your needs with smart solutions which fit your life, rather than making you adapt. In short, a bank that’s unlike any other you’ve known.

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