There are simple truths in life that even children know. We apply these truths to banking - reminding people that banking is simple, and even children know what is fair and right.

Our newest campaign is "Itna toh bachche bhi jaante hain" - based on simple life truths that apply to banking services today. We ask innocent questions of the way people bank today  and draw the parallels with unique product and service offerings from IDFC Bank.

Children (and their parents!) know that they are growing every day. Similarly, in your career, your income grows every year. While other banks give you a home loan based on your current income, our Booster Home Loan is based on your future income. We believe everyone will grow in the future - an optimistic world view from IDFC Bank.

Children know that when you have a problem, you need immediate attention. Which is why whenever you call us, day or night, you can talk directly to a Banker-on-Call.

Children know when they are being charged fairly. In the same way, we don't believe you ought to be charged for withdrawing and using your own money. That's why we give you free withdrawals from any ATM and no online transaction fees.

It's these insights, leading to these products and services that form the core of our campaign and let us walk the talk.

Unlike adults, children have a straightforward approach to life. Because they have the ability to ask questions that most of us want to, but don't.

They mirror IDFC Bank's philosophy of a bank with consumers at its heart and products and services designed accordingly.

Charming and hard-hitting, our latest work helps take forward our mission of spearheading a simpler, more consumer-focused system of banking.

The IDFC Bank way of banking.

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