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We help rural households advance traditional livelihoods – both farm and non-farm and also train them in alternate livelihoods. This is aimed to help smoothen incomes of rural households.

IDFC Bank does this through:

  • ShwetaDhara – our Dairy development initiative –Shwetadhara is IDFC’s initiative to help improve the milk yield of milch cattle and thus increase the income of rural household who adopt dairy farming as a livelihood. It is envisaged that the healthcare services provided through this initiative would help better upkeep of milch cattle and improve the output of milk. Additionally through the artificial insemination services provided it is expected that the next offspring would be a better higher milk yielding animal. Over a period of time this intervention is expected to create a better breed of livestock in the area that would yield more milk and improve the income levels of the owner households.
  • Under this initiative IDFC has set up a network of ShwetaDhara Cattle Care Clinics to provide healthcare services for cattle in the surrounding villages and towns.
  • These clinics are equipped with medicines and vaccines and also have a semen bank for artificial insemination.
  • These Clinics are manned by trained and qualified Veterinary technicians who treat the cattle in a 30 km radius around the branch.
  • Besides the Clinic where cattle owners may bring their livestock for treatment, IDFC regularly organises ShwetaDhara Cattle Camps in catchments where large number of cattle are present. These Camps are organised by IDFC Bank staff along with the technicians  of the nearby ShwetaDhara Cattle Clinic.
  • The ShwetaDhara Cattle Camp is a day long event where IDFC provides vaccination, treatment, cattle upkeep advice and artificial insemination services by veterinarians. We envisage that such efforts will improved the health of livestock, the quality of the breed and an improvement in milk yield and value of livestock.

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