Value Chain Financing

Identifying & nurturing rural value chains

At IDFC Bank’s Bharat Banking we follow the Value Chain Relationship approach. We identify various segments of value-chains of different livelihoods that exist in the catchments of our branches.  Then, developing an understanding of the needs of each segment; designing products and services that will help fulfil them, is an important aspect of our approach.

With our wide range of banking products and services we offer, we are able to cater to the varying needs of each segment of any livelihood value chain. From the cattle owner, to a milk collection centre to a chilling plant to a dairy processing plant to the transporters and distributors in the dairy value chain – we cater to all their financial and banking needs.

Similarly, whether it is the textile value chain or the agri-value chain we have solutions that help every segment of the value chain in advancing their livelihood and fulfil their current business growth needs and future security needs.

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