FASTtag – Electronic Toll Payment

FASTag Benefits

Toll free FASTag Helpline

Tag holders/customers - 18002669970

Concessionaire - 18001039050


7.5% discount on Toll charges:

Each time you use IDFC Bank FASTag at toll plazas, you will get 7.5% discount (revision advised by NHAI w.e.f 1st April 2017) on the toll charge. The cashback amount for a particular month will be credited back to your FASTag account within a week of subsequent month. Money saved, money earned!  

Easy Availability of TAGS:

IDFC Bank FASTags made available for the clients at the nearest Point of Sale locations which could be a retail shop as well as a mall or a megamall or IDFC Bank’s acquired toll plaza and IDFC Bank makes it convenient for you, all at minimum distance. 

Bulk Upload facility:

IDFC Bank presents one of its kind initiative for corporates and fleet owners to provide a bulk upload facility for FAST Tag issuance. Requests can be submitted online and that too with a single file upload which can carry as many issuance requests as the client wants. This helps save time & also reduces the manual effort put by the customer of submitting multiple requests for TAG issuances.

Online recharge:

Recharge online at your convenience. The process is as easy as account transfers by selecting the tag you want to fund and making the transfer from the account.


No need to carry cash at any of the toll plazas as IDFC Bank FASTag does away with requirement of physical cash and makes the entire toll charge payment mechanism completely automated.

Web portal for clients

Customers & clients can get the holistic view of the TAG usage along with the account statements by using the state of art IDFC bank portal which is customized to suit the requirement of the clients.

Conversion of local pass into FASTags:

IDFC Bank offers yet another feature by converting the existing monthly local pass into a FASTag with minimal documentation. The conversion of the pass makes the process not only electronic but also eliminates the manual pass issuance process redundant.

MIS Capabilities:

IDFC Bank FASTag offers complete traction & control over each TAG supported by timely and detailed MIS for smooth recon and audit trail.  Clients & customers can get real time alerts which can be set up to get updates about TAGs usage.

Dedicated Helpdesk:

IDFC Bank offers a dedicated helpdesk to ensure support at any given point of time and provides the best in class services Value Added Services

Complete Traction of vehicles:

Track your vehicles with the use of FASTags and have complete control over

The usage and movement of vehicles anywhere in India.  Build efficiency, deliver goods and services on time eventually leading to client satisfaction.

E-Seal – (Electronically seal the containers) ensures the goods in a carrier/ container once sealed can be opened only by agencies that have the PIN code. Also, every opening/ closing instance gets captured in the end and with relevant real-time alerts/ historical reports. 

Integrated solutions using inbuilt vehicles devices like:

  • Fuel measurement
  • Tyre wear
  • Engine health / temperature

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