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The fully loaded IDFC Bank Mobile App – Everything you’ve ever wanted a banking app to do. The only thing it cannot do (yet) is give you cash.

Here’s what we have added to the app in this release:

  1. MPIN: We understand that typing complicated password is a hassle, and that’s the reason we are now giving you the choice to use a 4-digit MPIN, which is faster and secure.
  2. Fingerprint: Your Fingerprint is your new password. For the customers watching ads on how awesome it is to use your Fingerprint, this if for YOU!
  3. Notification: We will now notify you on the offers which are important for you, so you don’t miss out on the action.
  4. OTP Reading: We’ve made OTP reading on the App simple, so that we can read and enter it for you. Don’t worry it’s only the OTP, we read nothing else – Only In Android
  5. 3D Touch: Use the iPhone 3D touch facliity to get quick access to some important transactions directly from the home screen. The feature is available only in 3D touch compatible iPhones
  6. Scan & Pay: From ‘Go Cashless’ to ‘Go Cardless’! Click Scan & Pay option to make payments to merchants displaying Bharat QR code.


Besides the great features that we have to offer, here’s a list of all the transactions you can do on the app, once you login.

  1. View all your accounts & email your account statements
  2. Deposits
    1. Fixed Deposits
      1. Create Fixed Deposits
      2. View FD summary & email FD Advice
      3. Close Fixed Deposits
    2. Recurring Deposits
      1. Create Recurring Deposits
      2. View RD summary & email RD Advice
      3. Foreclose Recurring Deposits
  3. Debit Cards
    1. We offer you one view of all your linked debit cards
    2. Permanently block your card if you have lost your card and also request for a replacement
    3. Temporarily block your card in case you have misplaced your card
    4. Unblock your temporarily blocked card once you find it
    5. Set your daily withdrawal and purchase limits both domestic and international within preset limits.
  4. Bill Payments & Recharge
    1. Add Biller: Register your bill for presentment & payment
    2. View/Pay Bills: View & Pay all your bills
    3. Delete Biller: Delete any bills that you don’t want to pay anymore
    4. QuickPay: Bill payment without registration
    5. Recharge your prepaid mobile & DTH account
    6. Transaction History: View bill payments done in the past six months in Transaction History
    7. Setup Auto Pay for your recurring bills
  5. Transfer Funds
    1. To your own IDFC Bank Accounts
    2. To other IDFC Bank Accounts / Non IDFC Bank Accounts
    3. You can even make Credit Card payments using our Funds transfer service
  6. Home Loan
    1. Check your Loan summary and other details
    2. Check your Loan statement and also you can get it emailed to your registered email id
    3. Know your future payments under Repayment schedule
    4. And lastly check your interest certificate on how much you have to pay and how much you have paid till date.
  7. Short & Sweet Home loan accounts
    1. All customers that own a Short & Sweet home loan & a Current / Savings account can now view their loan account summary & carry out all the transactions currently offered on Internet Banking using their Short & Sweet loan account.
    2. View, download, email account statements
    3. Funds transfer
    4. Create, view & close deposits
    5. Update profile
    6. Check Loan Summary and details
    7. Check Loan Repayment schedule
  8. Personal Loan
    1. Loan Summary
    2. Loan Statement of Account
    3. Repayment schedule
  9. Loan Against Property
    1. Loan Summary
    2. Loan Statement of Account
    3. Repayment schedule
  10. Service Requests
    1. Chequebook request
    2. Email modification
    3. Nomination addition
    4. Pan update
    5. Aadhar update
  11. Change your Passwords including
    1. Internet Banking Password / MPIN
    2. Debit Card Pin

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