Funds transfer from our branches

Funds transfer via our Branch

Steps to carry out a funds transfer from the branch are as below:

  1. Fill up the funds transfer form with the below details:
  1. Date
  2. Your account details
  3. Your beneficiary’s account details
  4. Select whether you want to transfer using NEFT or RTGS or if it is a transfer to an IDFC Bank account
  5. Amount in figures & words
  6. And sign, if you have a joint account then signatures of both the holders is required

And submit the form to our branch executive. The request will be processed as per the NEFT / RTGS cycles. If the funds transfer is to an IDFC Bank account then the funds transfer will be instant.

Please Note: IMPS is an online transaction & cannot be done from the branch.

The form is available from:

  1. Get it from the branch executive directly upon walking into any of our branches
  2. Download it from our website; click here to download it.

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