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Mutual Funds

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Fund

“If someone told you that there is an investment option that is managed by experts, lets you start with even a small amount, and offers you good returns and tax benefits” - wouldn’t you be interested?

Mutual Funds have gained popularity due to the following advantages:

  • Professional Management – Mutual Fund investments are managed by experienced professionals, who regularly monitor and select suitable investments from time to time.

  • Tax benefits – when investors buy or sell securities regularly, they may have to pay tax on the gains. In case of Mutual Funds, no tax is payable, as long as you stay invested. Also, if you stay invested in an equity Mutual Fund for more than 12 months, all gains are tax exempted.

  • Diversification – The cliché, "don't put all your eggs in one basket" really applies to the concept of intelligent investing. Diversification lowers your risk of loss by spreading your money across various securities. You achieve this diversification through a Mutual Fund with far less money than you can do on your own.

  • Convenience – By investing in Mutual Funds, you get the option to invest smaller amounts, build a discipline of investing regularly and easy access to your funds by being able to redeem any time.

  • Transparency – All mutual funds are registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). They follow regulatory guidelines set by SEBI to protect investor interests. This helps improve the transparency in Mutual Funds and the safety of your hard earned money.



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