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Systematic Investment Plan Enrollment

How do I enrol in the Systematic Investment Plan?


You can participate in the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Mutual Funds by investing a minimum of Rs.500/- or more either on a monthly or quarterly basis by providing us with post-dated cheques (dated the 1st or the 7th of each month) for at least one year. The cheques may be made payable anywhere in India. You may also give cheques in 2 lots of 6 cheques each. We would present the cheques at the dates mentioned and add units to you account (subject to the realisation of cheques) at the prices prevailing either on the 1st or the 7th as may be applicable. You would receive a statement of account for each such transaction.

Existing investors of Mutual Funds keen to start with SIP should just fill in the appropriate box on their Account Statement and mail it along with the post-dated cheques to their Investor Service Centre. You will receive a letter confirming that your name has been included in the SIP.

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