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Unified portal services

Unified Portal Services

IDFC Bank BXP - Business eXperience Platform – our comprehensive internet banking platform, delivers next generation portal technology to unify Cash Management, Trade Services, Corporate Linked Finance and Treasury services for corporate clients in the digital age.
IDFC Bank BXP - Business eXperience Platform is flexible, intuitive, consistent and delivers single self-service corporate portal to strengthen trust in relationship and derive greater value through interactions.
In addition, our Host to host connectivity will provide the seamless and secure transaction flow to leave with you best ever experience.

  1.  Omni Channel Experience - Real-time views of all transactions combined with cash, trade and FX services delivered alongside value-added integrated services such as FX Hedging, receivable reconciliation etc.
  2. STP @360 degrees: Consolidated front-end experience to Corporate combined with straight through processing, robust back-office integration, consistent data presentation across solutions.
  3. Canvas view - Design your own dashboard to optimise information extracts and create dedicated transaction workflows, alerts and reports.
  4. Secure single-sign on - Easy access for corporate users, across multiple applications. Ensures full audit control over user actions and protected by advanced security features, both physical and logical.

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